Elderly Wedding Guests

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Recently we attended a wedding where the Bride’s 92-year-old grandmother attended. She looked lovely and really enjoyed herself.   By Grandma Vickie’s side – all night – was a young man who happened to be a hired nurse. This young man brought her to the event, helped her to her seat in the church and at the reception, and made sure that she received her special meal. Make no mistake, the Bride and her mom spent time with Grandma Vickie as well. However, with this arrangement they were at ease in knowing they did not have to continually attend to her every need.

We love our Grandmothers and elderly Aunts, but when they need help, it’s typically the Bride’s mother or father who take on that job. This takes away from the mother and father of the Bride (or groom) being able to enjoy the day with their daughter (or son!). Grandma was on time for all family pictures and really enjoyed the attention she received.

If you are planning a wedding, and you now that you will have an elderly guest that may need help, consider hiring a nurse or nurses aid to assist you on that day. It may help one or both of your parents enjoy this day as well! When the event is over – consider having Gown Preservation Professionals preserve your dress and vail. We take pride in our workmanship and in delighting new brides.

Written by: Renee Terreri


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