Music at the Wedding

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We agree that all weddings are special, memorable events. The new couple has so much to consider when hosting their most treasured loved ones. When planning a wedding, the topic of music can be one that renders a swift decision, or one that generates plenty of lively discussion. Selection of songs is very personal and preferential. Couples and their families can have a lot of fun choosing songs for all those special dances. (first dance, dance with parents, and the song where everyone is heartily invited get out there and dance, etc.)

How about the decision to have live music, or a sound system with a DJ? There are folks who would never think of hosting a wedding reception without a live band or orchestra providing musical entertainment. Others are more than contented with having an energetic MC handle announcements and introductions, then moving methodically through everyone's favorites all night long.

 How many weddings have you attended? Think about the emphasis that each event placed on music. Whether at the ceremony or in the reception venue, you can probably remember when couples decided on a live instrumentalist, singer, orchestra or band, or when they went another route with pre-recorded musical offerings. Do you have a preference? Did either experience enhance the festivities when you reflect on your attending the event? Do you think it matters much at all? Give us your comments so we can shed some light on music at weddings!

Written by: Mark Terreri

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