About Us

Gown Preservation Professionals exists to provide our customers with beautifully cleaned and preserved wedding gowns. Our commitment is to offer a pleasurable buying experience with a prestigious, quality-driven gown preservation service that is priced to be affordable. As you could imagine, gown preservation is a wonderful gift when received from a friend, or from parents and other family members.

Gown Preservation Professionals is easy and dependable. Our services are available to brides across the continental United States.

Gown Preservation Professionals enjoys a strong, 11-year business relationship with a time-honored company of dedicated artisans that have been in business since 1913.  This multi-generational, family business uses state-of-the-art cleaning materials and machinery, along with a proven preservation process that ensures an impeccably preserved gown that is guaranteed for 100 Years.*

Our mission is to preserve cherished memories.

*100 Year Guarantee!

All wedding gowns are professionally cleaned and preserved by our certified specialists.

In very rare instances, a gown will yellow over a period of time. In the unlikely event this occurs, we are happy to reprocess the gown at no charge.

Should we be unable to remove the yellow, our bride's preservation cost will be refunded. Beads and sequins are excluded. Improper handling of the gown may cause damage and compromise the true preservation of the gown.

*Some exclusions apply or additional costs may be necessary.